Comment entretenir ses vêtements vintage	?

How to maintain your vintage clothes?

Vintage clothes are unique pieces that add personality and uniqueness to your wardrobe. If they have stood the test of time to reach you, it is of course thanks to their superior quality, but also through careful maintenance. It is important to take care of them to keep them in good condition and make them last even longer. Here are some very useful tips for maintaining your vintage clothes.

Wash in cold water, hand wash or dry clean

Vintage clothing is often made from delicate fabrics or natural fibers, so it's important to wash it with care. Washing in cold water can help prevent clothing fading, shrinking and deformation. If you have very dirty clothes, use lukewarm but not hot water. If the piece is set with pearls, sequins or other delicate inserts, wash them by hand in cold water with a mild detergent. If you prefer to dry clean them, be sure to find a professional cleaner who has experience cleaning vintage clothing.

Avoid the dryer

Tumble drying can damage vintage clothing by causing it to shrink or alter its shape. It is best to air dry them, laying them flat on a clean, dry surface.

Store correctly

Storing vintage clothing is also important for its preservation. Avoid folding or hanging them on metal hangers, which can leave marks or marks on the fabric. Instead, use wooden or plastic hangers. Keep them out of direct sunlight and moisture, which can fade the fabric or cause it to rot.

Avoiding tasks

Stains can be difficult to remove from vintage clothing, so try to avoid them as much as possible. However, don't panic if an accidental task happens, the has THE solution you need! First, treat the stain immediately before washing the affected piece. Use beef gall soap , Marseille soap, and baking soda, and gently scrub the stain using a toothbrush, repeating circular movements.

Repair the damage

Vintage clothing can sometimes have flaws, such as small holes or broken zippers. Instead of throwing the garment away, consider having it repaired by a professional tailor or seamstress. They can often repair minor defects and extend the life of the garment. At, we repair as best as possible all the small defects present on the clothes before offering them to you on our online thrift store. However, if a defect persists, we will indicate it in the product sheet for the item concerned.

By following these simple tips, you can extend the life of your vintage clothing and continue to wear it for many years to come! So you can calmly shop for your nuggets, they're waiting for you right here!