Comment faire la différence entre vintage et seconde main dans une friperie en ligne ?

How to tell the difference between vintage and second hand in an online thrift store?

You have most certainly been to a thrift store, or have already surfed an online thrift store.
Between second hand and vintage fashion, however, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between things, and sometimes you have trouble understanding the prices of these “already worn” pieces?

You have to know the difference between second-hand pieces and vintage pieces.
The terms "vintage" and "second hand" are often used interchangeably, but they are actually quite different.

The main difference between the two is the age of the items .

A second-hand garment is quite simply an item sold that has already been worn, to which we offer a second life, in new hands. A second-hand piece can be recent, old, worn a lot, worn only once… What characterizes it is simply that it is not new, that it has already belonged to someone.

A so-called “vintage” garment, on the other hand, refers to a piece that was produced at least 20 years ago (the nuggets from the years of the 2000s are therefore now considered vintage!). Vintage pieces can even be considered collectibles or antiques depending on their age.

In general, vintage items are more expensive than second-hand ones, because they mostly imply quality, authenticity, artisanal production, often handmade... And are much rarer!

Vintage pieces can be old ready-to-wear brand collections, handcrafted creations, or even luxury pieces. To be sure not to come across a counterfeit during your shopping sessions, you can also refer to our guide Ensuring the authenticity of luxury in an online thrift store.

In recent years, the image of vintage has completely changed, moving from the “hasbeen” image to the image of the fashion expert. Fashion precursors do not hesitate to bring out forgotten pieces from dressing rooms to put them back in the spotlight. Discover, for example , These vintage pieces that are coming back in 2023. In addition, the cuts and sizes are no longer the same as today, it is important to know a little about them. Fortunately, we have also prepared a guide for you on this subject, to be sure that your shopping in online thrift stores goes perfectly! Go right here: How to be sure not to get the wrong size when buying from an online thrift store?

With all this information, you are now ready to shop online serenely! So, which pieces are you going to fall for? Discover all our nuggets right here!